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A JPEG file is stored as a combination of two parts. The first part (known as the image metadata) contains information about the image (such as EXIF date, time, and shooting info) along with an embedded thumbnail image, whereas the second part (or the scan segment) comprises the actual image data. At the time of creation, it is more likely that a JPEG file will not get corrupted or damaged.

However, the risk of damage substantially increases as these files are moved or copied to other devices. In addition, there are several other reasons for Photo corruption. If corruption is within the thumbnail part, the image thumbnail will fail to open. In case the corruption has reached the image data part, the main image will get damaged.

Causes for Jpg file corruption

  • Virus or malware infection in the photos
  • Missing/corrupted/broken header in the files
  • Interruption in between Read/write operation while transferring photos to another device or PC
  • Improper ejection of the memory card or improper shut down of system
  • Usage of camera in low battery may also be a reason for Jpeg corruption
  • Generation Bad sector in the hard drive
  • Operating system corruption
  • Frequent Power surges

At times, the Photo fails to open in any of the JPEG decoder. In other cases, you may notice gray areas or lines in your image. In addition, there are a few more signs of image corruption often supported by some error messages as mentioned below.

  • This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete)
  • No Preview Available
  • Can’t read file header! Unknown file format or file not found!
  • Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found
  • Error Code 0x8001008
  • Important marker missing
  • Can't determine type
  • Delphi Error message error #50, error #51, error #53 etc.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG REPAIR uses a proprietary algorithm to restore scan segment errors in JPEG files. This Photo repair software scans the corrupt image and restores both the main image and the corresponding thumbnail. You can even choose to extract only the thumbnail part of your image using this software. The competent tool gives you the Fixed JPEG file in no time preserving all of its original properties such as visual fidelity, size, resolution, etc.

Some more Features of Jpeg Repair Software

  • User friendly interface
  • Well-suited with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP as well as latest MAC OS X El Capitan
  • Rectifies internal file structure correction
  • Fast, efficient  and easy to use

Besides the inherent support for a wide range of image, audio, and video file formats, the software can effectively work on high-capacity drives providing up to 2 TB of data storage. You can also choose to add more file formats for recovery and scale the software to fit your varied needs.

This corrupt or broken Photo repair tool has a knack of fixing corruption in multiple JPEG files simultaneously. This proves to be a life savior for those who deal with tens of thousands of JPEG files each day. The software enables you to preview images and their thumbnails in the main interface. You can use this feature to check the image quality of recovered files before saving them to the system.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Repair tool works for all instances of JPEG file corruption including corrupt header, damaged or broken JPEG data, and damage to the JPEG file structure. It also supports recovery on both internal (hard drives) and external (memory sticks and camera cards) storage devices.

Note: This software only repairs corrupt and damaged digital JPEG files. Once the photos are deleted, this software cannot recover it.


How to prevent and minimize the corruption of Jpeg files.

  • Formatting the memory card occasionally is a good practice
  • Proper eject the device after use before plugging out the device connected to the PC
  • Avoid any interruption/power failure during a file transfer operation from memory card to PC and proper eject the memory card.
  • Store your cards properly in a same place
  • Using multiple cards of small capacity rather than using one card of large capacity to minimize the loss.


windows8 Certified  compatible with Mountain Lion

Free Trial for Windows     Free Trial for Mac

* Free Download offers free evaluation of the software & preview all the lost files and folder that can be recovered by the software.


Clients Speak

Stellar JPEG Repair is the ultimate savior. Thanks Stellar, you’ve truly developed a genius. I had some 150 corrupt JPEG images of very high personal and emotional value, which, I was thinking, were all gone; but, this tool really worked wonder… Thanks again!!

Tom Joe, Toronto


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JPEG Repair Screenshots
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