How to Repair Damaged JPEG Images in iPhotos

‘All my vacation photos in iPhoto Library have turned black while some of them are not opening at all! They are in JPEG/JPG format. What can I do to view my photos files? Please help!’ One of the worst thing to freak you out is opening up the...
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How to Recover Lost Screenshot on Mac

You can never become used to the gut-wrenching moment when one realizes important screenshots has just deleted. Whether you have lost through lack of attention or clumsy fingers, the final outcome is screenshot inaccessibility. The only concern point is what do you do now? How to recover lost...
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SOLVED: Most Common Nikon Camera Problems

Is your Nikon camera giving you hard time while taking pictures? The problem can be of either lens, battery, shutter, memory cards, camera parts or the software. Read on to know how to troubleshoot camera problems with these easy fixes. Working with a faulty camera could be frustrating....
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Solved: Easy Ways to Recover lost GIF files

GIF is a widely shareable format and is a fine option for people to illustrate their words.  Still, there is a probability that you might lose them due to any unexpected reasons. On that line, the blog presents a series of solutions to recover lost gif file.  Wondering...
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How to Fix Recovered JPEG Images are not opening

Summary: Unable to open recovered JPEG files? This Blog elucidates the situation with some possible precautionary measures to repair JPEG images which are not opening after recovery. Congratulations!!! You have successfully recovered the corrupt JPEG files. We breathe a sigh of relief the moment a message pops up...
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What causes SD memory cards to go corrupt?

Summary: This problem-tackling Blog discusses several causes due to which SD Memory Cards go corrupt. It speaks of my entire journey of wedding photos loss and recovery. Read on to know how my photographer recovers the lost multimedia files. Wedding: A Dream Moment A wedding is the most...
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