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How to Repair Damaged JPEG Images in iPhotos

‘All my vacation photos in iPhoto Library have turned black while some of them are not opening at all! They are in JPEG/JPG format. What can I do to view my photos files? Please help!’ One of the worst thing to freak you out is opening up the...
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Recover Photos From Encrypted SD Card

transcend SD cards
Summary: The post describes a scenario when the SD card is encrypted, but after upgrading the Operating System version, the access to encrypted files is lost. It explains the reasons that lead to such a situation and summarises the procedure to recover photos from encrypted SD card in...
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Recover lost or deleted photos from iphoto library

restore iphoto
Photos are the essential part of our beautiful past that reminds us of our friends & family in their absence. Today in this digital world, Cameras and Smartphones have become the main source of capturing pictures. People have multiple modes to store these digital images in their capturing...
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10 most famous Photographers around the world

A good photographer always knows the name and understands the work of another photographer. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer, you can always learn, grow and get inspired by other photographers. It is always good to know about the worlds famous and renowned photographers...
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how to blur background using Nikon Camera

There could be plenty of reasons that can convince you to switch to a DSLR camera over your high class smartphone’s camera or a normal digital camera. If you belong to a photography profession, or love photography then you must have noticed that most of the great photos...
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Best 5 ultrabooks of 2015 and recovery solution.

ultrabook recovery
  If you are looking for most portable and latest ultrabooks, which can provide you powerful specifications, like super-thin, ultra-light, latest configurations with an excellent operating system experience, then you are on the right place. Here, you will get to know the best available and reviewed Ultrabooks of...
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