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How to Find & Recover Deleted History on iPad, iPad Air, Mini, Pro

Problem: “I deleted call history present on my iPhone. Now, I want to access the call history to make few urgent calls using the non-saved numbers. Is there a way in which at least I can see the number to make important calls? Please help.”

Solution: Do not worry, try the following manual method to recover call history on iPhone:

  • Use your iTunes or iCloud backup service to retrieve the call history

If there is no backup or the backup does not provide flexibility to find specific file type, do not panic, just go for the following software solution:

  1. Download & install Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone device to the computer
  3. Launch the software with iTunes running in the background
  4. Use its intuitive GUI to recover call history

For all those who are interested to recover call history from their iPhone, this is the right place to learn how to get it all. In this blog, you are presented with efficient techniques to recover your call history sitting at the comfort of your home. No need to consult any technical support specialist, just read on to learn the nitty-gritty.

If god forbid, you lose your valuable data then what will you do. Yes of course look for solution. Unfortunately, while in a hurry you accidentally deleted your iPhone’s call history. Few important numbers in the history were not saved to your iPhone’s Contacts app, which you needed it urgently. You decided to retrieve your phone’s call history.

The manual method to recover your iPhone data is to use iTunes or iCloud backup service.

  • To restore last backed up data from iTunes, connect you iPhone to the computer with preinstalled iTunes software. Run iTunes > control-click your iPhone under Devices > select Restore from Backup > select the backup to sync > click Restore.
  • To restore synched & backed up data from iCloud on your iPhone, go to Apps & Data screen > tap Restore from iCloud Backup > sign in to iCloud > Choose backup > select the latest from the list of backups.

Yes, these backup services are really useful, but the recovery comes with a caveat. The challenge is you restore the entire backup to your iPhone or nothing; there is no way you can restore specific file type. Further, the data generated in the iPhone after the backup was taken will not be restored, so you lose your current data. Moreover, getting call history from the heap of restored data will not be easy as it is not segregated.

To overcome the problems faced in the manual method you can use specialized software that makes your life easy. Go through the following steps to recover call history on iPhone:

  1. Download & install Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to the computer
  3. Launch iTunes as well as the data recovery software
  4. From the main interface of the software, select the Recover from iPhone option
  5. Let the software analyze your iPhone and continue the scan once the analysis is over
  6. Select Call History under Messages & Call log
  7. Preview the deleted data and click Save
  8. Select the Save to iPhone option and click OK on the Save Files dialog box

That is it, you have recovered your iPhone’s call history effortlessly. The software also provides selective recovery from iTunes as well as iCloud — a must for all iPhone users.

Wrap Up

The blog is about recovering deleted call history from iPhone. The first manual method is to connect your iPhone to your computer with iTunes installed, and restore the phone from the iTunes backup. The second method is to restore synched & backed up data from iCloud backup directly from the phone’s interface. In case the backup is not performed or selective recovery is needed, then you can use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone to recover call history.


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