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Troubleshoot Camera Error Messages and Recovery options

Troubleshoot Camera Error Messages and Recovery options

October 12, 2014

Error Message Types

There are different kinds of error messages that you might encounter while operating a digital camera. Some error messages are common across all digital cameras, but there are few error messages that are specific to the particular camera type or manufacturer. Some of the few error messages are discussed below.

Ricoh Error Messages

Ricoh camera is one of the best in its kind. However, you might experience some error messages from time to time. You might experience a ‘No File’ message while updating the firmware or the camera might not allow you to load the memory card.

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Camera Lens Error Messages

The most important part of the camera is the lens. Any problem arising in the lens would not allow you to click or record pictures at all. Some of the common problems related to lens are mentioned below.

  • The lens cover fails to open or close
  • The zoom feature stops working
  • The captured image goes out of focus

HP Camera Error Messages

Whenever there is a problem with the HP camera, an error message is displayed on the screen. Below-mentioned are few of the HP camera error messages that you might encounter while working with it.

  • Memory full or Card full. Camera cannot save Share selections
  • Memory/card too full to record audio
  • Batteries depleted. Camera is shutting down

GE Camera Error Messages
The error messages give a clue of the point of failure as well as tell you what needs to be done in order to overcome situations. If your General Imaging (GE) digital camera is not working properly and you encounter error messages, you should take remedial steps as provided along with the error messages. Some of the error messages related to GE camera are mentioned below.

  • Camera Recording, Please Wait
  • Card Is Not Formatted
  • This File Cannot Be Played Back

Samsung Camera Error Messages
Samsung is one of the leading brands that manufacture high resolution cameras. However, you might experience some error messages while working on it. More often, such error messages are very helpful in troubleshooting the problem. Some of the error messages are mentioned below.

  • Card Error or Card Locked
  • Check the Lens
  • DCF Full

Panasonic Camera Error Messages
Panasonic is one of the finest brands where problems are very rare. In case of any issue, one should look for the error messages to know how to fix the problem. Some of the error messages associated with the Panasonic cameras are as given below.

  • No Additional Selections Can Be Made 
  • No Valid Picture
  • Please Turn Camera Off And Then On Again

Kodak Camera Error Messages
Though it is very unfortunate to get errors on camera like Kodak, however error messages are helpful enough to troubleshoot the problem. Some of the common error messages found on Kodak camera are mentioned below.

  • Camera Error, See User Guide
  • Device Is Not Ready
  • Disk Is Write Protected

Olympus Camera Error Messages
In order to fix a problem associated with Olympus cameras, first make sure that the camera’s doors and panels are not open. Later, look for the error message and follow the instructions given in the error message. The error messages could be as mentioned below.

  • Image Cannot Be Edited
  • Memory Full
  • No Picture

Nikon Camera (DSLR) Error Messages
DSLR is one of the finest ranges of high resolution cameras. Nikon is known for manufacturing some of the advanced DSLR cameras over the years. Error messages on such cameras are unexpected and could be very frustrating at times. However, such error messages are actually clues to the problem and can be used to troubleshoot your Nikon DSLR camera error messages. Some of the error messages are mentioned below.

  • ERR
  • F—
  • FEE
  • This Image Cannot Be Deleted

In addition to the above mentioned camera types and their associated error messages, there could be many more error messages associated with a particular camera type.

Troubleshoot methods

All the cameras including the above mentioned types use memory card as a storage medium. Such memory cards vary in terms of their size and storage capacity. Some of the popular memory card types used in cameras include SD card, CF card, xD-Picture card, Memory Stick and more. However, there are situations when such memory cards might get damaged due to one or the other reason. One of the main reasons for memory card corruption is the removal of the memory card while clicking or viewing picture. In addition, power failure, hardware failure, or any kind of mishandling can also lead to severe corruption. Moreover, such issues are often supported by some error messages like "memory card error", "card locked", "card error", or with some specific error code. In the worst case, you might end up losing your saved pictures on the memory card. Read more on recovering photos after facing memory card error .

However, it is still possible to recover lost pictures from corrupt/damaged memory cards or when the memory card is unusable. In order to have any chance of recovering lost photos, you should stop using your camera immediately after the loss is reported. There are various professional software that can be used to recover lost files.

You can make use of the below mentioned tips to avoid memory card error and damage.

  • Avoid any interruptions while you are saving or viewing photos
  • While you are turning your camera ON/OFF, do not take out the memory card
  • Do not click any pictures while your battery is running low
  • Try using a memory card from reputed brands like SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, etc.
  • Do not use a memory card that has been used for more than 10,000 write/erase operations or had been previously corrupt

Recovery Options
There is no manual method as such to recover lost or deleted photos. The best option is to use a professional software like Stellar Photo Recovery. The software is capable of recovering lost or deleted photos and other multimedia files from all internal as well as externally attached media. In order to make use this software to recover photos, you need to either directly connect your memory card to the system or connect your digital camera to your computer. Once done, you should be able to see a new drive letter appearing in the “My Computer” section. Thereafter, you can easily install and use the software to carry out the recovery process.

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