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Recover Deleted Pictures from Nikon Camera

Recover Deleted Pictures from Nikon Camera

September 15, 2014

The case of Photo Loss in cameras is no different as compared to loss of data from computers. Unlike the traditional cameras, the digital cameras allow you to click and manage photos from the same device itself. Such cameras are well designed and include various buttons supporting many features. However, such devices can lead to data loss if not handled properly.

Nikon, which is one of the leading manufacturers of cameras, is the most popular among the users. This is because of the high quality image and the effects it provides in its wide range of products. However, there are various reasons that can lead to severe photo loss in such devices. Irrespective of the photo loss scenarios, there is always a possibility to recover deleted photos from such cameras. The best possible solution is to make use of a photo recovery software.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software is a highly professional tool to get back deleted pictures from various devices including Nikon cameras.

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Retrieve Pictures from Nikon Digital Camera

As discussed earlier, Nikon produces one of the finest ranges of digital cameras like the Nikon P500, P7000, D90, S9100, D3100, D7000, D3100, and COOLPIX S6200. Such devices include the latest technology and provide a wide range of features. There are various on screen options and buttons to make use of various features. However, at times such option proves to be very complicated for the users. Any accidental selection of ‘Delete All’ option could erase away all your stored memories in a moment. In addition, the memory cards used to store photos are common to various other cameras and similar devices. Such memory cards can get corrupt leading to data loss. There could be many other reasons for loss of photos from Nikon cameras. Some of them are mentioned below.

Mishandling by the user: You might end up losing some or all of the important clicks while using the camera. This could happen if you accidentally press any delete or format option present in the camera.

Formatting: In case of memory card corruption, you might need to format the card, which could lead to photo loss. In addition, there are times, when you are asked to format memory card as you connect your camera to computer. Such situations lead to critical data loss. Read more on format memory card

Virus attacks: This is the most common and the most severe reasons for data loss from memory cards. A virus has the capability of corrupting the file system of the memory card, thus making the card inaccessible.

Sudden Power failure: It is the most dangerous interruption while you transfer the photos to a computer from a Nikon camera. This could make the system shut down suddenly without any prior information. As a result, any photos in transition that were not saved properly could get corrupt or lost.

Note: You should avoid transferring photos from Nikon camera to a computer in a low battery condition.

Memory card incompatibility: All Nikon cameras use memory cards, which are almost similar in structure. Some of the most commonly used memory cards in Nikon cameras include CF cards, SD cards, XD cards, MMC, etc. However, any incompatibility of the memory card in the Nikon camera could corrupt the memory card leading to severe photo loss.

The above-mentioned scenarios are some of the most common reasons for loss or deletion of photos from Nikon cameras. However, there could be many more reasons for the photo loss. Such photo loss situations could be avoided by taking some precautionary measures. In case the photos are already lost, you need to retrieve deleted photos as soon as possible to avoid any future complexities.

There are different ways to recover photos from Nikon cameras. The first and the easiest thing you could do is to ask someone who uses a similar kind of Nikon camera and has already been in such a situation. Alternatively, you could take your camera to a photo recovery specialist or agencies. This option is not feasible as there is a chance of getting the photos misused. In addition, there is a little cost associated with it. However, the best possible option is to use a professional Nikon Photo Recovery software to get back all lost or deleted photos.

Stellar Photo Recovery is the best professional tool available to cater the need of retrieving deleted photos from different Nikon cameras. The tool supports retrieving deleted pictures from formatted and corrupted memory cards. It uses an advanced algorithm specially designed for recovering different image formats including NEF from different Nikon cameras. With a rich and friendly graphical interface, the tool is supported across various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.
Note: Retrieval of lost or deleted photos is possible due to the fact that when a photo gets deleted the area where it was stored is marked as free space instead of the picture getting deleted. This space can be used for other files to be written.

Steps to initiate photo recovery

  • Open ‘Stellar Photo Recovery’ software.
  • Click on ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ as shown below.
  • Select the desired drive to scan and click ‘Scan Now’ on the bottom right of the interface as shown below.
  • Select the desired file type for recovery. In this case choose Nikon and click the ‘Scan Now’ button as shown below.
  • The screen displays the preview of the files after scanning. Choose files for recovery and click ‘Recover’ as shown below.
  • Choose a location to save the recovered files.

*30 days money back policy is for Software products and No data no charge policy is for our data recovery services

Tips before performing photo recovery
1. Avoid overwriting of pictures by storing new images at a different location other than the same place where the lost or deleted images were stored.
2. Keep the damaged camera or card at a safe location to avoid any further data loss. This is more important when there is a physical damage.
3. Look for a professional Nikon photo recovery software. The software should be a safe and trusted one.

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