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Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Camera

Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Camera

October 11, 2014

In the world of digital cameras, Sony is a brand name. Over the years, it has produced some of the unbelievable devices with the help of ever-growing technology. It caters the need of many professional photographers as well as users by providing quality pictures. However, such devices are at times very complex to operate by some of the users. As a result, a user accidentally deletes some of the photos stored in it. This could happen either while saving the clicked photographs or while viewing the saved pictures on the camera itself. In addition, the Sony cameras are no different when it comes to corruption. The memory cards used in Sony cameras can get corrupt due to virus attack, any hardware or software failure, or due to mishandling. In any of the case, the pictures present on the camera become inaccessible. In a worst-case situation, you might end up losing all your saved photographs and videos as well.

Then, it becomes very important to recover all lost data including photos and videos from Sony digital camera. There are various techniques, which can be adopted to recover deleted pictures from a Sony digital camera. However, in order to ensure a safe and complete recovery, it is advised to use a professional recovery software..

Stellar Photo Recovery is a highly reliable and professional tool to recover lost, deleted, or corrupted photos from any data loss scenarios.

Retrieve Photos from a Sony digital camera

While working with Sony digital cameras, when you accidentally delete or format the camera, your all data are deleted. In such a situation, you should immediately stop using the camera to have any possibility of recovering such lost or deleted photos from it. When a photo or any other file is deleted from such cameras, it is just the file entry that is deleted. If you take a new photo after you have lost any of the photos, there is a chance that the new files will occupy the available disk space and overwrite the new photos, thus depriving you with the chance of recovering them.

In case, you have not used the camera after the data loss, you can make use of a professional Image Recovery software like Stellar Photo Recovery software. With this photo recovery software, you can recover pictures from any kind of data loss situations. The tool has been specially designed to handle data loss situations in various cameras including Sony digital cameras. It uses a powerful algorithm, which makes it possible to recover photos in their original format from storage capacity as large as 2 TB.

The software supports recovery of pictures and other multimedia files from different kinds Sony digital cameras and camcorders. Some of the Sony digital cameras that are supported include dsc-rx100, dsc-w710, dsc-w670, dsc-w690, dsc-wx150, dsc-wx190, dsc-w731, dsc-TX30, and all cyber-shot cameras like DSC-TX100, J10, WX10, and HX100. In addition to the above-mentioned cameras, it supports recovery of various image file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. In addition, it supports RAW recovery of SR2, ARW, and SRF formats. Read more on Raw file recovery from Sony Cameras.

How to initiate Digital Picture Recovery process For Sony

Note: You can either directly connect the Sony digital camera or the memory card to the computer before running the software.

  • 1.Launch 'Stellar Photo Recovery' software.
  • 2. The main interface of the 'Stellar Photo Recovery' software is displayed as shown below.

  • 3. Click on 'Recover Photo, Audio & Video' to recover photos, audios, and videos from the attached device.
  • 4. The next screen displays a list of internal as well as externally attached storage media as shown below.

screen 2

  • 5. Select the desired storage media to scan. In this case, look for the attached media under the 'Physical Drive' option in the list.
    Note: In case the externally attached device is not listed, click the 'Refresh Drive' button on the bottom left of the screen.
  • 6. Select the drive and click 'Scan Now' on the bottom right of the interface.
    Note: You can customize the recovery process on the basis of file types by using the 'Advanced Settings' option as shown below.

  • 7. Select the desired file type in the 'File List' tab for recovery. In this case, choose Sony and click 'Scan Now' on the bottom right of the screen as shown below.Note: The 'Select Range' tab allows you to select specific regions of the device to recover. However, in order to enhance the scanning speed, it is advised to select only those files you want to recover.
  • 8. The next screen shows the ongoing scanning process. As the scanning goes on, the files present in the device are listed in a tree like structure as shown below.

  • 9. Once the scanning is complete, the screen displays the preview of the files in the top main interface. Choose the desired files for recovery and click 'Recover' on the bottom right of the screen as shown below.

  • Note: The bottom portion of the screen shows the number of files and folders being selected as well as the total space occupied.
  • 10. Choose a location to save the recovered files. Once you choose the location, the recovered files will be saved at your desired location

In this way, you can easily and efficiently recover lost, deleted, or corrupt photos from Sony digital cameras in the same format as they were before.

Tips before performing photo recovery

  • 1. Try storing new images at a different location to avoid data overwriting. This increases the chances of retrieving lost photos from the storage device.
  • 2. In order to avoid any further data loss from the already affected storage device, keep the damaged camera or card at a safe location.
  • 3. Choose a professional Sony camera recovery software to ensure complete and safe data recovery from the corrupted device.
  • 4. Connect the device to the computer before performing recovery for a smooth and hassle free recovery experience.
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