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CompactFlash (CF) Card Photo Recovery & Tips

CF Card Photo Recovery

July 17, 2015

The CF memory card is the latest storage device that has taken digital storage technology into a new level. Usually it is used in portable electronic devices, with the general capacity from 128 MB to 256 GB.

CF memory cards are the latest innovation of SanDisk in removable storage devices. These memory cards are comparatively larger in storage capacity than other memory cards like SD cards and xD Picture Cards.

CompactFlash (CF) cards are used for a variety of devices, which need more space for storage, such as digital camera, camcorders, music players, game devices. These memory cards can increase the performance, capacity, and reliability of removable electronic devices and provide a double transfer rate than any ordinary memory card. Therefore, they are a popular choice of many users. In spite of multiple latest features these cards may face issues at times. Like all flash card devices, CF cards are also prone to data loss issues due to accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, etc. These issues may result in permanent data loss if not recovered in time. Delay in recovery may reduce the chances of recovery; therefore, it is better to use a CF card recovery Software  o recover deleted photos from formatted or Corrupt CF card.

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Main Causes of data loss in CF Card.

  • Process interruption during data transfer from the camera to your system
  • You have turned off your camera before an image is completely written to the CF card.
  • Removing your CF card from your digital camera while taking image
  • Running camera on a low battery
  • Wrong ejection on the CF card from the system
  • Using the CF card beyond its capacity

No matter what is the cause of your CF card corruption, you have to apply a photo recovery tool, if you really want to get your photos back. Stellar Photo Recovery software has a very easy user interface along with very efficient recovery modules. While working with this software you are allowed to preview your lost items after scanning, which you can save in your desired location. You can use demo version to check the accuracy of the product. Since the tool is available for both Mac and Windows based system, therefore no matter which OS you are having, this tool is the most required weapon to handle CF card corruption and recommended for any photo loss situation.

The Software supports all kinds of CF card types I, II, III, IV, Ultra I, Ultra II, Standard.

Also all brands are supported, including Lexar, Kingston, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, SanDisk, Canon etc.

Steps to recover deleted photos from CF card

Let us discuss the steps

Tips for a better CF Card Recovery:

  • Your operating system may prompt to format your corrupt CF Card, whenever you connect it to your system and try to access the card. Ignore that message until you have not retrieved you lost data.
  • In case you have accidentally formatted your CF Card, never use the same card before recovery as it will overwrite your existing data and make it unrecoverable.
  • After any kind of photo loss in your CF card, try to retrieve it instantly as the delayed time may also reduce the chances of 100% recovery. It is recommended that use Stellar Photo Recovery software to retrieve your complete data.

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